Corporate Communications Programme

As a listed company, Abano Healthcare Group has a number of communications that it is required to provide including annual report, half year report and disclosure announcements.

Our brief was to create a corporate communications programme, which encompassed all statutory communications, and developed additional channels to improve dialogue between the company and shareholders, stakeholders and the media.

Following an audit of the company’s current communications, spice prepared an annual communications platform, which includes all reports, annual meeting, quarterly shareholder newsletters, website, media releases, analyst presentations and New Zealand Exchange announcements.

This is a client where the word ‘partnership’ really means something, and we work as an integral part of the team on a daily basis. All activity is created and managed by spice, with ongoing liaison with the client.

The programme has been very successful, opening up dialogue with shareholders and investors. Media commentators have also commended Abano on its transparency, corporate governance and disclosure policies.