Are your staff listening? The importance of Internal Communications.

Anecdotal evidence shows companies across the board are finding it more difficult and challenging to recruit and retain great staff. However, although many businesses may struggle to match the salary expectations created by overseas demand, they can meet and exceed the offer of a great working environment and culture.

Internal communications can play an important role in helping create an open, environment where business values are understood, personal values are respected and employees feel a part of the business they are helping to grow.

Having internal communications that work efficiently and effectively is essential. A PR agency can help in this process by evaluating the effectiveness and credibility of current communications and channels and identifying improvements through a Communications Audit.

Internal communications can be disseminated through an array of media including intranet, face to face communication, newsletters, email, conferences, workshops, team building days and much more.

Viral communication is becoming common in internal communications programmes, with companies recognising the informal social and peer networks that exist within a workplace. Peer to peer communication from key influencers and trusted information sources within the company can help to drive change from the bottom up using a grass roots approach.

An internal communications audit helps to identify if your messages are getting through, what your employees think about your organisation and if your communication initiatives are yielding benefits for your company. It also demonstrates a company’s willingness to listen and respond to employee’s views.

An effectively designed and implemented communications audit can be a driver for culture change where everyone is engaged in building a new work culture of open communication, credibility, and collaboration.

Previously the role of the HR department, the internal communications function is now more often a direct responsibility of the managing director who sets the tone and culture for the company.

Internal communications is not something that can be done once and then left alone. It is a continually evolving function with individual strategies and programmes developed to reach diverse groups of employees with different needs.

By maintaining open lines of communication, stronger relationships and a sense of community can be developed throughout the organisation.

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